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Olivia Cooper

Olivia Cooper, Writer

Olivia Cooper is a writer for The Wire News and a junior at Monroe-Woodbury High School. After writing creatively for years, she joined in 2023 to explore a new avenue of writing and learn more about issues within the school. In her free time, she alternates between vegetable gardening, knitting with local wool, watching her pet corn snake, and playing rogue-like video games. She's excited to write on topics close to her heart for an audience of fellow students.

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My pet corn snake, named Amaterasu after the Shinto sun goddess, balances in my hand. Holding a snake is the coolest feeling ever– theyre not slimy, but smooth and cool to the touch.

Pet Snakes Provide Owners Loving, Rewarding Companionship. But Is Keeping a Snake Right For You?

Olivia Cooper, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

Snakes: These scaly reptiles can be either the object of vilification or admiration, depending on who you ask. Increasingly, they've slithered into hearts as beloved pets. Today, nearly 800,000 Americans...

Many employers are beginning to monitor their employees accounts on all social media platforms.

Opinion: Employers shouldn’t look through your social media– but here’s how to protect yourself when they do

Olivia Cooper, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

Sitting in the office, a hiring manager quickly glances over the resume of a young high school student seeking their first job. They appear qualified, but as a final background check, he types their name...

My piece is the representation of nationality. The girl in the drawing is supposed to represent
myself, with the flags stitched together to represent my identity. I have a hispanic background and I have always been proud of that, but sometimes I feel like I do not belong in that community. I am a second generation Argentine-Colombian, but I have never been to these countries, my Spanish is not very good, and I barely know my extended family. The denied stamp represents disapproval, the unacceptance in the community. The 15th article states that everyone has the right to nationality and that no one should take that away from them, but how can I feel a sense of belonging when it always felt like it was never mine to begin with.

“An Artist’s Response to Human Rights”: The MWHS Senior Art Collection

Olivia Cooper April 2, 2024

Walking into the library this past month, a collection of art immediately catches the eye. These artworks were created by 35 MWHS Senior Art Majors as part of a wider collection called "An Artist's...

Infographic about M-W student experiences.

Transgender and genderqueer high schoolers share ups and downs of experiences at Monroe-Woodbury High School

Olivia Cooper, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Note: The terms transgender and genderqueer are used in tandem in this article to include both transgender people and those who don't use the label transgender but are still considered outside the gender...

Mr. Ferrier the dean of students at Monroe-Woodbury High School started in September.

New Dean Brings New Perspective to Discipline

Olivia Cooper, Staff Writer December 7, 2023

Students may have seen a new staff member's face as they navigate the hallways. Mr. Ferrier, the new dean of students, has joined Monroe-Woodbury High School this year. The role of a dean is "a little...

“It was mediocre at best. They somehow managed to find worse songs than last year. The only person I was interested in finding on the field was too short to see, said junior, Daria Medvedva.


“It was mediocre at best. They somehow managed to find worse songs than last year. The only person I was interested in finding on the field was too short to see," said junior, Daria Medvedva.

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Olivia Cooper