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What a martyr am I to give,

and receive nothing but punishment 


Warmth and light, of which I bestowed,

Bestowed out of my own kind weakness  


Martyr and patron saint to the small, 

Weak, helpless, light-less man at my feet 

Savior to the cold, shaking, mortals 

Subconsciously asking for my help   


Enhancing your mere existence  

Caused my eternal, torture filled, demise  


Forever repaid for kindness,

With a violent stabbing and pounding 


No one can feel sorry for me now 

This was out of my volition,

You did not ask me to intervene 

Though, my graciousness should have been thanked 


What cruel kind of martyr am I,

To expect you to save me from this 


Waiting for a kind savior to 

Restore the warmth and light I gave you 

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About the Contributor
Hailey Lanari
Hailey Lanari, Editor-in-Chief
Hailey Lanari is a senior at Monroe-Woodbury. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Wire, and it is her third year writing for the publication. Hailey is passionate about journalism, having written for the Mid-Hudson Times and Wallkill Valley Times. She enjoys all things English and literature related. She is largely involved in local politics as a long-term intern for Senator Skoufis, Outreach Chair of the Young Democrats of Orange County, and co-founder of the Monroe and Woodbury High School Democrats. She enjoys teaching and working with the other writers on The Wire