Crochet for a Cause Club helps to warm those in need


One of the many Crochet for a Cause donation boxes.

Hailey Lanari, Staff Writer

The Crochet for a Cause club had a yarn drive this January to help collect materials for their donations to the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Houston. This is their first cause of the year through the “Warm Up America” Foundation. 

The club was created this year by sophomore Anushree Buragohain who has taught her club members the basics of crocheting, as most of them were new to the hobby. 

“I think it is important to help out the healthcare industry and hospitals, especially given the ongoing pandemic. Helping charities in need is especially important now when some of us have the privilege and capability to help those in need of assistance, and donating handmade items gives a little extra care and heart to our donations,” said Buragohain. 

The club accepted donations of size four/thin, non-textured/fluffy yarns until Jan. 27 in English classrooms. However, many of the boxes are still up and according to the club’s adviser, Ms. Blumberg, the club is happy to take late donations. Lighter colors are preferred, but any color will be accepted. 

Many people have yarn laying around their house, but you can also find yarn at Michaels, Amazon, and Walmart to donate. 

All the yarn donated will be used solely for the club’s charity donations. They will be making blankets, crocheted hats, scarves, and more for the hospital. 

“It’s nice that they are all doing an activity that benefits all of them in that it’s a calming and relaxing activity to de-stress after a long day but also is helpful for others as well,” said Ms. Blumberg. 

Although there are other clubs that are focused on community service, Crochet for a Cause wants to make it understood that they are different. 

 “I think the fact that we learn a new skill and use it to help others is what makes this club unique: it only takes a hook, a ball of yarn, and dedication to make a difference,” said Buragohain.