District-Provided Chromebooks Ease the Transition to Remote Learning


Clarissa Pagoada , Contributing Writer

In order to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Monroe-Woodbury provided Chromebook computers to every student in the district. 

Dr. Bhargav Vyas, Assistant Superintendent for Compliance and Information Systems, said that around 3,300 new devices were purchased for this school year, and the total cost was around $680,700. 

“We had to adjust some of the district’s projects and prioritize so the district can afford additional devices,” said Dr. Vyas, explaining how the district acquired the money to make the purchase.  

Dr. Vyas said that the decision was necessary.

This provides all our students equal access,” said Dr. Vyas. “Devices are no different than textbooks in today’s world.” 

The new devices allow all students to attend school virtually if necessary and complete their assignments online. 

Student Kayla Caruso is thankful for the Chromebooks, since without them she would be struggling. 

“Since I don’t have a Chromebook it makes it easier for me to do my work so I don’t have to do it on my phone,” said Caruso. 

Students Mindy Djindjele and Iman Brahmi appreciate the Chromebooks, but they are concerned about the effect online learning has on their education.

“I’m a face-to-face learner so I would prefer pencil and paper, but yes, the Chromebook has helped me a little during these stages of online learning,” said Brahmi. 

Djindjele also feels similarly in the sense that she understands the importance of the Chromebooks, but also the struggles that come with online learning. 

“I’d say that the Chromebooks are easier to do homework on considering I have other siblings with me who need to do their own homework,” said Djindjele. “I’ve been getting about three-ish hours of homework and my siblings as well, so without the Chromebooks I would be struggling more.”