Monroe-Woodbury Adds New Assistant Principal


Alex Liu, Copy Editor

Ms. Marisol Jackson has recently been appointed as the House B Assistant Principal at the high school. I had the pleasure of interviewing her over email to learn more about her background and her position within the school.

Prior to becoming a principal, Ms. Jackson was an art teacher for over 18 years at Spring Valley High School.  

I taught multiple levels of art from life skills art class, studio art 1 and 2, drawing to computer art graphics,” said Ms. Jackson. “I got a lot of satisfaction when I had a student enter my class saying that they didn’t have any artistic ability and then become excited about the art they created.”

She has a lot of responsibilities as the new assistant principal. Ms. Jackson is in charge of the ENL (English as New Language) program, the science and business departments, and the NYSESLAT (New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test), AP, and Regents exams. 

Monroe-Woodbury is quite the change from her former school.

“Prior to me coming to Monroe, I worked at the same school for 21 years. This school is twice the size of my old school. It is a newer, beautiful building and campus. We are very lucky to have the resources and support here. I could not be happier,” said Ms. Jackson. 

I know this is a challenging time, but please know that there are many people to help you. I am here if you need something.”

— Ms. Jackson

Her welcome from students has been very positive.

“The students have been great! Some have come up and welcomed me as I meet them in the hall or at arrival and dismissal. I look forward to meeting more students,” said Ms. Jackson. She hopes that more students will come up to introduce themselves.

“The Covid situation has definitely turned education as we knew it upside down. It has been challenging, but we are doing our best to adapt and keep everyone safe.  Like many others, I can not wait for us to be able to get back to “normal life,” said Ms. Jackson. “I hope and look forward to the time that we will be able to have sports and extracurricular activities resume in person.”

She ended with a statement to all the students of Monroe-Woodbury.

“I know this is a challenging time, but please know that there are many people to help you. I am here if you need something. I can be found in House B,” said Ms. Jackson.

Ms. Jackson was hired following the departure of Ms. Arroyo earlier this year.