Monroe-Woodbury High School Tentatively Plans for a Pep Rally


Alex Liu, Copy Editor

Monroe-Woodbury High School plans to hold the Pep Rally this year, although the specifics of these plans are still in the beginning stages.

“With the current social distancing requirements in conjunction with only 50 percent of the students scheduled to be in the building on the original day, we are hoping to find either another day or an alternative,” said Principal Kaste. 

Maintaining strict social-distancing guidelines while holding a pep rally could pose a challenge. With the threat of COVID-19, the school must tread carefully to ensure both the health and well-being of its students. 

This year’s football season and with it, the homecoming game, have been postponed until March. Traditionally, pep rally coincides with homecoming. Some students hope that they will get to participate in the school’s  tradition this year.

“Well, considering that the football season won’t be taking place until next year, there’s still a chance it could happen,” said junior Ethan Hala.

Some have suggested a video might be an interesting alternative to an in-person Pep Rally. 

“The most important thing is to stay safe,” said senior Matthew Bezdicek. “…an alternative ‘online’ Pep Rally would actually be pretty awesome.”

Junior Gwendolyn Reese offered a different suggestion.

“I don’t think we should have a pep rally at all this year because of the fact that safety protocols would not be accurately moderated,” said Reese. “Instead we should have a movie night where we can social distance on the football field in front of a projector.”