Ultimate frisbee returned for the spring season

Brandon Tejada, Contributing Writer

The Ultimate Frisbee intramural team met on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week this spring. 

Mr. Telek hosts Ultimate Frisbee and said all students needed was a Frisbee and cleats.

“I use soccer cleats, but I know some people use football cleats and lacrosse cleats for more ankle support,” said Mr. Telek. “You need a disc, which could be ten to fifteen bucks, but when you show up to a scrimmage game, someone is usually going to have a Frisbee.”

Students can learn about Ultimate Frisbee at intramurals. Mr. Telek said players can learn how to throw the disk in different ways, such as the flick and backhand.

Mr. Telek said that Ultimate Frisbee and football are dissimilar as sports.

“One of the biggest differences is Ultimate is no-contact,” Mr. Telek said. “If you do push somebody or hit somebody it’s a foul, but for the most part, people do make some contact.”

Mr. Telek teaches students the basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee, as well as the fouls. According to Mr. Telek, the players decide upon fouls in intramurals.

According to usaultimate.org, Ultimate Frisbee depends on sportsmanship and responsibility for fair gameplay. In official games, however, the referees have more power in deciding fouls and plays. The website called sportsmanship the “Spirit of the Game.”

Mr. Telek was optimistic that Monroe-Woodbury’s Ultimate Frisbee team might be able to compete with other districts.

“If we can get our numbers high enough, then we could make this a club and we can start talking to other schools and seeing if they want to do the same thing,” Mr. Telek said. “Then we can start a new league of Ultimate Frisbee in this area.”

Players were happy for the return of Ultimate Frisbee.

“Hallelujah,” said player Vicente Briceno-Saa.