Students and staff share Mother’s Day traditions and memories

Dylan Aleixo, Contributing Writer

On May 12, people around the United States, including students at Monroe-Woodbury High School, celebrated Mother’s Day. Families took the day to celebrate their mothers and other mothers in their lives.

Adrian Taylor, a student at Monroe-Woodbury High School, said that his family called other family members to wish them a happy Mother’s Day.

“Depending on what day Mother’s Day falls on, we’ll sometimes visit them,” said Taylor.

For Mother’s Day this year, students in Monroe took it upon themselves to do something for their moms. For Mother’s Day, some people did things for their mothers such as bring them breakfast in bed to giving them flowers and a card. In the case of Taylor, he explained how he had “helped make dinner, mainly for my mom.”

To many, the day is significant because it gives them the chance to take the time and honor their mothers. Ms. Baird, a mother of three, said that “it’s really important to honor my mom for the sacrifices she made for me.”

Mother’s Day also creates memories for one’s family as well. Every family that celebrates Mother’s Day, for the most part, will do different things to celebrate the day.

“I usually throw a brunch for the entire family,” said Ms. Baird. “My kids usually make a flower pot each Mother’s Day, to kind of celebrate new life.”

Mother’s Day brings many memories with it. Taylor said that his favorite memory of Mother’s Day was “waking up at 7 a.m. to make my mother a cool breakfast, including blueberry pancakes.”

Will Torres said that his favorite memory “was when my sister’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day, and that was funny because my dad and I were waiting hand and foot for both girls at our house.”

To those that celebrate it, Mother’s Day is all about creating memories with their families.

Julianne Sisto said each Mother’s Day, she and her siblings “make breakfast, and then we usually watch a movie.”