College application causes stress for seniors

College application causes stress for seniors

Raya Hasan, Contributing Writer

Imagine that it is September, the most stressful time for the seniors. Time goes by, and before you know it, it’s October, then almost November. You are starting your college letter, but at the same time, you are going to visit schools. Your stress increases. You try to get help but just cannot reach it. You start applying to a college. Your anxiety builds. You read your college letter a dozen times. You finally hand it in.

Seniors, who are applying to college, are full of stress since, in these last couple of months, all they are feeling is stress, anxiety, and pressure.

According to IvyWise College Admission Blogs, this is one of the biggest decisions many teens have made at this point in their life.

“Many seniors tell me they’re more stressed than they’ve ever been,” said Mr. Hyman, a sophomore and senior English teacher.

“Going through the college admissions process without a clear idea of what you need to prepare and when applications are due can add a mountain of anxiety to an already stressful process,” said an IvyWise blog called “How to Manage College Admission Stress this Fall.” Seniors should have a plan for everything they need to do with their important dates.

“I’m doing my best to avoid senioritis, but I don’t think anyone’s ever ‘ready’ for college,” said Deana Cowan, a senior who just applied to college.

The senior’s letter also increases their stress.

“It seems to be a cloud hanging over everybody’s head,” said Mr. Hyman.

Mr. Hyman also had some advice for seniors struggling to write their letter, telling them to make sure they are “standing out from the crowd.” It should have information that is important and reflects their personality and experiences.

The guidance department encourages the seniors to show their letter to their English teacher for help in editing and revising.

“The earlier you start the process, the better,” said Mr. Diaz, the House C Counselor.

The number one thing you should do if you are in a stressful situation is to seek help; seniors should visit and talk to their teachers or their guidance counselor.

“We teach the students to be independent,” said Mr. Diaz.

The teachers and staff encourage the seniors to finish the year well; their grades should not go down in the second semester.

“I’m just ready to find out where I’m spending the next four years of my academic career,” said Cowan.