Students share holiday wishes and traditions

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Students share holiday wishes and traditions

Kaitlyn Nolan and Anna Maggi, Staff Writers

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It’s getting cold, snow is falling, and Christmas trees are being decorated with the ornaments you may have made in elementary school. It’s just that time of the year…

When asked “what do you want the most for Christmas?” most students in the building responded with tangible objects such as laptops, air pods, iPhones, and more.

“For Christmas, I definitely want a laptop. It will help me with my school work,” said freshman Emily Dovico.

Other students responded with kittens, puppies, and other animals.

“A kitten, haha,” said sophomore Meghan Buckley.

Some students said they are staying home for the holidays, but others are traveling abroad.

Christmas is not just about the gifts you get or where you go to celebrate; everyone has their own way of celebrating the holidays. 

Students were also asked if they had any traditions they do for the holidays. One junior said, “Every year on Christmas Eve my family and I decorate sugar cookies. We always turn it into a decorating contest. I always win!”

When asked “What do you like most about the holiday season?” many students responded with the snow falling, and some said laying on the couch watching TV.

We also asked 25 students if they have already gotten their gifts or if they are still shopping. Twenty-five percent of the students we asked said that they were done with their holiday shopping. Those that still need to go shopping better hurry, because Christmas is right around the corner and closer than they think.

Younger students had the opportunity to shop at the holiday boutique at the elementary schools last week.

“I was volunteering at the Smith Clove holiday boutique, and they had some pretty cool stuff. A lot of children were there shopping for their families and it was the cutest thing ever,” said Madeline Portney.


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