AP Biology and AP Environmental students go on a field trip to Hudson River area

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AP Biology and AP Environmental students go on a field trip to Hudson River area

Raya Hasan, Contributing Writer

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The AP biology and AP environment classes went on an educational field trip to the Hudson River Kowawese Unique Area at Plum Point on October 15 and 17. The park is located along the banks of the Hudson River in New Windsor.

Kowawese Unique Area is a 102-acre park site owned by New York State and managed by the Orange County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation. The area offers boating, fishing, and hiking to its visitors.

“This site boasts magnificent vistas of the Hudson gorge and a 2,000-foot sandy riverfront,” according to the Orange County website.

Officials from Orange County Water Authority run a grant program that has reached out to local schools for free field trips. The trip was divided into two days, with the AP environment classes and one AP biology class going on October 15, and the rest of the AP biology classes going on October 17.

During the field trip, students were divided into groups and rotated between six stations, each about 50 minutes long. Students got an opportunity to catch and identify fish in the river, test the water sample for pH and salt concentration, identify weather conditions, and observe the pollution of the river.

“It reinforced what I learned in class with a real-life example,” said Lamisa Tasneem, a senior in AP Biology. “It gave me a better understanding of what the environment in the Hudson River system is like.”

According to Tasneem, it was an examination of Hudson River’s own ecosystem and there was a lot to learn. She said that everyone liked getting out of school and doing something fun.

“My best part was seeing the kids put on waders and capture fish with a net,” said AP biology teacher Ms. Jeffrey.

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