Pendragon gives students the chance to publish their writing and art

Caroline Harrington, Staff Writer

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Students in Pendragon club compile student-made literature and put it into an annual literary magazine. This year is the twenty-fifth year the club is being advised by Mr. Filie. It meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in either room 175 or computer lab A after school.

According to Mr. Filie, the club offers skills that can be used in the real world such as training kids to use software that many colleges utilize. In the second half of the year, meetings are held in the computer lab in order to use the software to layout the magazine.

Students do not necessarily have to be writers to participate in this club. Pendragon offers opportunities for those with an interest in art, literature, photography, and layouts.

There is also critiquing, which happens during “round tabling.”

“A lot of what we do is round tabling and so forth,” said Mr. Filie. “We’ll sit around and read things that writers have contributed and talk about them.” 

Pendragon accepts admissions of poetry, short stories, and any kind of literature for their magazine. Pendragon as a club has been described as a community of writers and artists.  

According to Editor-in-chief Katie Hood, Pendragon is like a family.

“It’s a really good time, we just kind of hang out, so it’s friends hanging out but also doing things that we love,” said Hood. “We all have a shared interest of art and writing, two of my favorite things.”

“A lot of my favorite school memories come from this club,” said Pendragon Officer Alyssa Kamara. “We have an excellent adviser, and an equally excellent staff full of really interesting and passionate people.

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