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Black Sun

What is one left to do? 

When the world you knew is sent askew. 

When the last thing that stood the same

Is suddenly lit aflame.

Don’t look! You’ll burn your eyes.

Is it really worth the try?

Just to once see that sight?

To see the day shrouded in night?

But don’t be afraid.

There’s no need to hide inside.

So just let your fears subside,

Close your eyes.

You’ll see that what you thought catastrophic,

Turned out to be quite microscopic.

And then you can rest your mind,

When you finally realize,

That nothing bad is going

To come

from this

Beautiful sight.

Black sun.

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About the Contributor
Traegan Soto, Writer
Traegan Soto is a sophomore at Monroe-Woodbury High School, and this is his second year writing for the wire news. Traegan originally joined The Wire just to be a part of a club, but over the course of his first year developed a love for writing. Traegan has three other siblings who all also attended Monroe-Woodbury High School (Who he gets along with on occasion).