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Prom Night: How to Have Fun and Stay Safe

William Dimmit
Monroe-Woodbury students enjoy the 2023 prom at West Point.

Excitement is in the air as Monroe-Woodbury high school prom is quickly approaching.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life to go!” said Lea Quinn, a junior at Monroe-Woodbury High School.

While the festivities of the night are things everyone is looking forward to, prom can be one of the most dangerous events for teenagers. During prom night, students feel the need to fit in which can lead to them falling for peer pressure to try dangerous things like alcohol.

“I saw people drinking at a party after my senior prom. I stayed away, but others joined,” said Brooke Aarons, a former graduate from Monroe-Woodbury.

82 percent of students say their friends are more likely to drive impaired than call an adult for help, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Along with drinking, drugs are another thing students attending prom need to be cautious of. Teenagers can be influenced by their peers to try dangerous drugs which could lead to driving while impaired, overdose or death.

“I think Monroe-Woodbury does a good job of informing students of the dangers of intoxication at prom but we need to be aware that we might end up in one of those bad situations,” said junior Bree Pedersen from Monroe-Woodbury.

One way students can prevent becoming dangerously intoxicated is to never leave a drink unattended or take anything from a stranger.

Another common issue on prom night is pressure to have sex or engage in other potentially risky behavior.

“The school makes us watch a video before attending prom that tries to inform us of things that can happen,” said junior Denaysha Haynes.

Presenting students with real stories can help them recognize the outcome of risky choices at prom. Some students want to continue the fun once prom is over and bring the party home. There is sometimes no supervision at after parties, so the risks of falling into a uncomfortable or dangerous situation can be greater.

“Harassment is very common at prom and I was not warned about it enough,” said junior Yasmin Idina.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 39 percent of boys find it acceptable to sexually assault someone who is intoxicated. Students tend to not consider this factor before going to prom. Avoiding alcohol and drugs on prom night will help keep you safe from sexual assault. Some things schools can do to ensure a safe night at prom is informing students of things that can occur.



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