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Different movie genres can offer an escape for students


What is your favorite movie genre? There are tons of genres and sub-genres when it comes to movies and everyone likes something different for a multitude of different reasons.

Starting off with my personal favorite, horror. Horror is the perfect way to go if you’re looking for spine-chilling adrenaline. Horror movies often explore the supernatural, and psychological worlds, hoping to evoke a frightened emotional response from the audience, taking near-impossible situations and turning them into more pragmatic events to captivate the people.

Many people enjoy horror movies because they like the rush and anticipation of awaiting the next jump scare or the next shell-shocking scene. Psychologically, people enjoy horror movies because it gives them a break from reality and the stress and anxiety they feel in their own lives, while also giving them the chance to face their fears in a controlled and safe environment.

“I learned pretty early that watching a horror movie can distract from scary things in my life, so it’s sorta an escape for me,” said Meagan Haight, a senior.

Next, one of the more popular genres, comedy. Comedy takes the absurdities and social norms of our society and turns them into laughing matters. This genre most commonly takes things so stupid and corny it’s hard not to laugh.

For example the movie “The Grinch” uses humor to emphasize on what happens to social outcasts. The Grinch is rejected from Whoville simply because he is different and doesn’t fit the “social norms” subconsciously set by the Whos. Giving The Grinch characteristics of an amusing, Christmas-hating, green guy makes the movie enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Watching comedy movies induces laughter, which in turn stimulates you and helps your body release various hormones, therefore helping you relax and also reducing any anxiety you may be feeling. Overall, you can never go wrong with a good comedy marathon with your family.

Austin Baah, a sophomore said, “It helps me relax my brain and deal with and reduce my anxieties”.

Lastly, science fiction. Science fiction or better known as sci-fi is a genre of movies that often explores futuristic themes and extraterrestrial phenomena. Sci-fi movies throw the audience into distant galaxies, alternate universes, and artificial intelligence while still tying in a thrilling plot. This genre grants the audience the chance to think of the “what-ifs” of our universe and explore the possibilities of our future.

The show “Rick and Morty” mainly focuses on exploring the different dimensions of our universe and every alternate world they are, and aren’t in. Watching this show allows the audience to join them on their crazy and thrilling adventures.

“Star Wars is a ‘W’”, said junior Justice Worthington, approvingly.

The world of cinema is vast and diverse and the popularity of these genres shows the diversity of human experiences and the worldwide appeal of storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of spine-chilling horrors, heartwarming romances, or epic adventures the magic of the movies continues to captivate and inspire us all.

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Leah Wood is a sophomore in Monroe-Woodbury High School. She joined The Wire as a sophomore because she wanted to actively be engaged in school activities. Leah enjoys reading romance novels and poetry about love. She also likes listening to music, specifically songs by Bruno Mars. Leah is also on a roller derby team that plays in Philadelphia.