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We connect students

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The Candle

It was so dark.

In the vast void of my head.

Cold, dark and lonely.

I wished for it to end.


But then came you.

A little flame in the night.

And so I was rekindled.

By your kind and caring light. 


I sat there for a moment.

Relishing in the warmth.

But as the candle burns and burns.

Its light began to dwarf.


And so I take the candle in

Watching as its flame wavers

And then I take some of my own

To try and return the favor


I light their wick ablaze once more.

And together we sat that night.

Finally warmed once again.

By that sweet little light.


So thank you, my candle.

My very dear friend. 

And I promise to always be there.

If your light needs lighting again.

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About the Contributor
Traegan Soto, Writer
Traegan Soto is a sophomore at Monroe-Woodbury High School, and this is his second year writing for the wire news. Traegan originally joined The Wire just to be a part of a club, but over the course of his first year developed a love for writing. Traegan has three other siblings who all also attended Monroe-Woodbury High School (Who he gets along with on occasion).