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We connect students

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We connect students

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Stage Right

Enter stage right.


Waking up to this again.

Another day, another show.

Who am I performing for?

Someone, let me know.


Slowly move to upstage right,

Just the same thing everyday.

And yet there’s never a single soul,

To watch my silly little play.


Carefully walk to center stage,

And yet I’m always at the center of it all.

But if no one’s here to watch,

Then who will catch me when I fall?


Panic and flail to downstage left,

This surely wouldn’t be the first.

This has definitely happened before,

How could it possibly get worse?


Crash and burn and run and hide,

It’s happening again it seems.

But how can I expect to escape this hell?

If no one’s left to hear my screams.


Exit stage left.


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About the Contributor
Traegan Soto, Writer
Traegan Soto is a sophomore at Monroe-Woodbury High School, and this is his second year writing for the wire news. Traegan originally joined The Wire just to be a part of a club, but over the course of his first year developed a love for writing. Traegan has three other siblings who all also attended Monroe-Woodbury High School (Who he gets along with on occasion).