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High School Welcomes New Drama Director

Mr Kaplan
Mr. Kaplan, new drama club teacher at Monroe-Woodbury High School.

Monroe-Woodbury High School introduced a new drama teacher, Mr. Kaplan, at the start of the 2023–2024 school year.

Mr. Kaplan earned his Masters degree in theater at NYU. Before coming to Monroe-Woodbury, Mr. Kaplan taught middle school in Brooklyn for four years at The Christa McAuliffe School for gifted and talented students and have been working at an acting studio for the last 21 years as a director, acting teacher, and private acting and voice coach.

Mr. Kaplan did his first show at six years old.

“I was one of the braves in Peter Pan,” said Mr. Kaplan. “The director said to me ‘Follow the tiger lily, she knows what she’s doing’ and I got really interested in theater after that.”

Mr. Kaplan has done theater ever since that show.

“My parents tried to get me into sports, but that just wasn’t for me,” he said.

A job posting led Mr. Kaplan to the Monroe-Woodbury drama program. “I was ready to start teaching high school,” said Kaplan. Kaplan heard wonderful things about the school district. Kaplan found out later that his father went to high school at Monroe-Woodbury.

“I think in all instances, getting a new director can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and scary, being that you want to make a good impression,” said Tyler Landusky, drama club secretary.

“I like to tell stories, and I like helping other people figure out what stories to tell,” said Mr. Kaplan, discussing his favorite part of the job. Mr. Kaplan wants his students to know that all of his classes are fun and will ask students to travel outside their comfort zone, and that he wants to teach his students what it really means to be a performer.

The drama club is thrilled with the new addition to the drama club.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say that he is a great addition to our family and we love being under his direction,” said Sophia Theokas, drama club president.

“Mr. Kaplan is a great director and it’s clear he has a lot of experience,” said Tyler Landusky.

Kaplan’s top three favorite musicals and plays are “Gypsy”, “Parade”, and “August: Osage County”.

Although Mr. Kaplan hasn’t been with Monroe-Woodbury for long, he has deeply enjoyed the past couple months.

“I’m very happy with the community here,” said Mr. Kaplan.


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