Spotlight: Baking Club Members Learn Life Skills and Enjoy Their Treats

Baking Club members Maryella Kearney  and Merrick Gilroy next to their chocolate cookies that are fresh out of the oven.

Baking Club members Maryella Kearney and Merrick Gilroy next to their chocolate cookies that are fresh out of the oven.

Anh-Thu Nguyen, Writer

The baking club held it’s first meeting in mid-March after being approved by administration earlier this year.

The baking club’s members not only bakes delicious treats, but gives members the time to sit down and enjoy their baked goods with one another. Students learn and experiment with new recipes and create an overall positive environment where students can talk with one another.

Junior Courtney Saint-Vil, one of the founders, explained how her friend Leica Leger inspired her to start the club, “Out of nowhere, Leica said that we should start a club. We settled on a baking club because we both enjoy baking at home!”
The process of starting a club was an interesting experience for the girls.
“It was a pretty long process, but not as hard as we thought it would be,” said Leger, the club’s other founder, “We put in a request to Mr. McElroy and he gave us a form to fill out about the club, such as what we would do and who our advisers would be.”
Leger and Saint-Vil asked Ms. Lee and Ms. Rickli to be the advisers of the club because of their great experiences with both of them.

“We also had to compile a list of students who were willing to join the club. After we filled out all the necessary information, we emailed the paper to Mr. McElroy and he sent it to get approved,” said Leger.
“We’re hoping that the club will be able to grow in popularity,” added Leger.
Although the club is new, its founders have lots of ideas for the future of the club.
“We want to do fundraisers throughout the school to raise funds for our club, and possibly donate to charities in the future,” said Saint-Vil. “We want to do challenges, such as who can make/decorate the best cake, stuff like that as well.”
“Next year we are hoping to go on field trips, too,” said Leger.
Many members were excited to be a part of the new club and enjoyed their time at the meetings.
“I always love baking, and I thought it would be a fun experience to learn and bake with others,” said Junior Rowan Mottola. “It was a very fun meeting, very positive, and overall just a good space to be in after school and destress.”
Ketan Deola, a junior, said, “It’s very fun and we make nice things!”
“I’m having loads of fun with my friends,” said Alexia Joseph, a junior.
“It’s great. I get free food, and I get to learn a lot about my friends, like how to work with them in the kitchen,” said Bianca Mangonon, a junior.
The club runs at least once a week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday until 4 p.m.
“Join the baking club, we will be continuing next year as well. We want more people to join, so definitely sign up,” said Saint-Vil.
For those interested in joining the club the Google Classroom code is 4g4vgy3 .