The Dreamer Community Club Gives ELL Students a Fun and Educational Outlet

Some members of The Dreamer Community Club at a meeting with their advisors.

Some members of The Dreamer Community Club at a meeting with their advisors.

Kristy Lopez, Copy Editor / Social Media Manager

The Dreamer Community Club is an M-W club that supports English Language Learners (ELL) by giving them the opportunity to practice their English speaking skills and an outlet to relax and express themselves in a supportive environment. 

The club meets Thursdays in Room 438 and all students are invited to join. The club is advised by certified ENL teachers Mr. Holbrook, a history teacher, Ms. Babcock, an English teacher; and Ms. Lanoue, a math teacher. 

Many ELL students wanted a place to practice their English skills and socialize more due to the lack of opportunities from the COVID-19 pandemic. They expressed this wish, and because of this the club was formed in the fall of 2020.  

The club does many activities to keep everyone engaged, such as playing games for speaking practice. The club also has many discussions on current issues within the community, school, and country. Additionally, the advisers also help tutor students with their academics.

Mr. Holbrook said, “It’s a great place to learn and communicate. It’s a place to come for students to have fun and to touch base with their friends. It’s a good place to catch-up with students and teachers you don’t see much.”

Mr. Holbrook is happy with how the club is going and how the students are enjoying their time with one another. 

Lester Santos, a sophomore, joined the club because he liked how it gave him time to be with his friends.

“I get to play lots of games with my friends which is really fun! The teachers also help us with our homework,” said Santos. 

Nancy Munguia, junior, added that she gets to make a lot of friends and relax. 

Members of the club have fun bonding with each other as they continue to come to every meeting.

Sophomore Adrian Rosario values this time with other students.

“I learn more about them everyday and we grow,” said Rosario.

The club is welcoming to any student interested in joining and will continue to have the same activities. The advisers and club members are active and communicate with one another on a regular basis regarding what is important to discuss in the meetings and to best support the students in the club.