Music Boosters Scholarship Helps Students Succeed

Anh-Thu Nguyen, Writer

The Music Boosters Scholarship applications became available on February 17. This scholarship gives musically gifted students the opportunity to win various amounts of money, which can go towards future college tuition or supplies. The financial reward is offered to all students regardless of age, and it increases as the student gets older (seniors receive the most money). 

Monroe-Woodbury Music Boosters is an organization made up of volunteers who help out at concerts, raise money for scholarships, and help with financial assistance for students in need. This is similar to the district Parent-Teacher Association but specifically catered towards the M-W music program. 

The scholarship is a major part of what Music Boosters does for the school district, and a large portion of the profit made from fundraisers goes towards these student scholarships. 

The scholarship is offered to students in grades five through 12. The application requires students to write an essay, fill out an application, and advertise their musical responsibilities, accomplishments, and involvements. This is done by completing a Google form and submitting at least one recommendation from a current M-W music teacher. 

Following the application and essay, an interview is done between the student and at least one Music Booster volunteer. All grade levels are required to have an interview. These three parts are graded separately. The grades are then added up and students are ranked accordingly and chosen based on the top scores. 

Students may apply for the scholarship by visiting the M-W Music Boosters website or the school website, where there will be a link to the application. 

The district music coordinator, Mr. Taborsky, encourages any student in the music program to apply. Mr. Taborsky said, “We have plenty of students who are in concert-level ensembles, who are involved in music in many aspects of their lives.” He explained that students have the opportunity to show how important music is to them in their essays. 

Senior Amara Leitner, an oboe player in the wind ensemble and chamber winds, will be applying for the scholarship. Leitner said, “It is a great opportunity to help fund my future music career. I will be studying music education and performance in college, so the money will go towards my tuition or a new oboe.”

Samantha Curran, a junior in the symphonic orchestra and voice ensemble, plans on applying as well. “It’s a great way to earn money for your accomplishments in music as well as an investment for your future music endeavors,” said Curran. 

“It would help me cover a handful of costs for college,” said Max Hershkowitz, a senior who is also applying for the scholarship. He is currently in the high school’s chamber orchestra as a violinist and has been involved in the Monroe-Woodbury music program since the fourth grade. 

“I would like to thank the Music Boosters foundation for all of the support throughout my time in the Monroe-Woodbury music department. I was able to achieve many memorable accomplishments because of their involvement,” added Hershkowitz.

Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship can click on the link below for informational flyers in both English and Spanish. Applications must be submitted by March 8, 2023. All interviews will be conducted on March 27, 2023, at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School with further information to be sent by M-W Music Boosters.  

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