LEAD Mentors Tutor Students For Midterm Week

Dillon Huang, Writer

LEAD mentors offered tutoring sessions for the students of Monroe-Woodbury in preparation for midterm week. Due to not having midterms for the past couple of years, many students wanted to take this opportunity to prepare for their exams. 

LEAD mentors are upperclassmen, specifically juniors and seniors, who help incoming freshmen adjust to the High School. Freshmen receive help from their mentors from freshman orientation to the end of the year. 

“They [mentors] are assigned a group of 8 to 10 freshmen. They communicate with them through Google Classroom and inform them of things that are happening,” said Ms. Sherman, co-advisor of LEAD. “It’s a year-long connection they are trying to make.”

LEAD tutoring started a couple of weeks before midterms. It took place in the library during lunch periods. 

According to Ms. Sherman, students were tutored in any subject they needed help with. LEAD tutoring was not only for freshmen. It was available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who needed help as well. 

“The students who are in need of tutoring can be any grade 9-12; they just have to come into the library and ask for tutors,” said Ms. Sherman. 

There were about 80 mentors who tutored this year. 

The LEAD tutoring was specifically for midterm preparation; however, students can still get help throughout the year from LEAD tutors.

Ms. Sherman said, “LEAD mentors offer one-on-one tutoring if the freshmen need it, but midterm tutoring is a one-time deal. They are available to the freshmen anytime but the general tutoring is just for one week.” 

The LEAD mentors also enjoyed this, because they were able to get volunteer hours for colleges. 

Ciarra Lorusso, president of LEAD, said, “I think it’s definitely a good thing to put on your resume. Getting 150 hours over the course of 2 years, along with getting the opportunity to help the younger grades and hopefully become LEAD mentors in the future.” 

LEAD tutoring is not the only option for help. There are many other programs that are available to students. 

Members of the National Honor Society tutor after school in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.