Club Spotlight: Chess Club members learn chess, have fun

Two students practice playing chess after school

Two students practice playing chess after school

Isaac Hong , Writer

The Monroe-Woodbury chess club gives students a unique opportunity to test their chess skills.

The club, formed in September last year, is open to all who have an interest in chess. It aims to teach the game to beginners, enhance existing chess abilities of students, teach about the history of chess, and create a positive environment in which students can interact with one another and share strategies. 

Mr. Hyman, adviser of the chess club, said. “We do a broad range of things; mostly playing chess. However, we also discuss tactics and analyze the games we played. We also play in tournaments that are a part of the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League, but most importantly: we have a good time.”

The majority of students who joined the chess club said they had a positive experience in the club. 

“I think that the most important thing that I’m getting out of the chess club is the social connections I am making. I’m learning how to communicate with others through something that I enjoy, that being the sport of chess,” said Junior Anthony Grueiro. “I also just enjoy hanging out after school and talking with friends and making new friends at the chess Club. Overall, it is a very fun experience.”

By participating in the club, students are able to build new friendships with people who share a common interest with them, which can lead students to develop better social skills and improve their mood in general. 

I think that the most important thing that I’m getting out of the Chess Club is the social connections I am making.

— Anthony Grueiro

Not only is the chess club fun, but it is also improving the chess skills of its members. 

“My favorite part about the chess club has got to be the tournaments. Meeting new people and learning new chess openings is a valuable experience I get from traveling to other schools,” said junior Daniel Christie. “Competing against other students who are better than me drives me to improve at chess and become a better player.”

Another member of the chess club, Junior Joseph Piriano, said, “I really enjoy playing chess so I really like being a part of the chess club. I enjoy learning new things and in this club I’ve learned how to play chess. I also like playing competitive games so chess is a really good way for me to do that.”