Return of School Field Trips in the 2022-2023 School Year


Scenery from Plum Point. Photo taken by Audrey Whitfield on a field trip with her AP Biology class.

Kristy Lopez , Copy Editor, Social Media Manager

Class field trips have made a return for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, class field trips have been halted. This was due to fear surrounding the virus. This year, many courses and clubs have already partaken in memorable class trips—such as the Earth Science, AP Biology, and French courses. 

“I’m really sad I haven’t gotten any field trips so far, especially since the last one I went on was in the seventh grade,” said Daisy Flores. “I’m glad they’re starting up again.” 

As of now, field trips are being approved by the Monroe-Woodbury administration. COVID-19 protocols are not put in place when planning field trips.

“Any COVID protocols come down from the federal or state levels, and at this point there are none,” said Vice Principal Mr. McElroy.

According to McElroy, the process for approval is the same as it was since 2020. Teachers submit a quote to the bus garage. The garage then sets a price for transportation and fills out a form, which would be sent and reviewed by Principal Mrs. Soto and Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Hassler. 

How much money is needed along with other paperwork (attendance rosters, medical files, etc.) varies from trip to trip. This entire process takes a few weeks. 

Mr. McElroy added, “I haven’t had any [field trips] that weren’t allowed. Teachers make good decisions on where to take kids. I can see cost becoming a problem [for the approval of a field trip] if they wanted to go too far or something becoming costly to the point where kids had to pay. I can see that being an issue.” 

The science department has already hosted trips to various places.

Students were excited about the trips and learned about our environment first-hand,” said Ms. Puopolo, a science teacher and a chaperone for two previous trips.

Alina Joseph, a senior, went on a field trip with her AP Biology class to Plum Point Lane by the banks of the Hudson River. The class explored the area and visited different stations with different activities that taught them about the point.

For example, there was one station where students fished with nets and identified the fish with a dichotomous key. Another station was a nature hike with a naturalist to discuss growing plant life. 

Joseph recounted her experience and said, “It was a really fun, amazing, and interactive experience! I wasn’t able to go on field trips [since freshman year], but it’s great how I can now.”