How Do Students Spend Their Study Hall Time?

Freshman Rafael Malek at the library on October 21 working on his school work during study hall.

Freshman Rafael Malek at the library on October 21 working on his school work during study hall.

Jaden Gray, Staff Writer

Study hall is a time for students to catch up on homework, work together on projects, or study for an important test. However, a loud library and students wandering the halls shows that sometimes students have other ideas on how to spend their “free” time.  

‘‘If I have homework, I would do it, if not I would watch TikTok. I like study hall, usually I’ll just be on my phone,’’ said freshman, Aiden Tetteh.

While Tetteh spends time on his phone, another freshman usually prefers a more productive approach. 

‘‘I do my homework. If not I would read a book or try to sleep,” said Keren Villafuerte. 

Many students like study hall and enjoy having free time in their school days. They often do different things each day depending on their workload or mood. 

‘‘If I have homework I’ll do that, or I would listen to music,” said Max Post. 

Another sophomore had a different suggestion.

‘‘I think we should be walking outside and not sitting in a classroom,’’ said Mia Santos, who said she spends her study hall time on her phone or computer.

Santos thinks getting outside for fresh air would be more beneficial for students than sitting in a classroom.

Bianca Mangonon, a junior, said, ‘‘I usually go to the library with one of my friends, or I stay in study hall, talk to my friends, and hopefully finish my homework.”

Bianca loves the study hall because she’s always with her friends. She feels that having friends in her study hall makes it more enjoyable.

Usually students are meant to stay in their study hall, but Jonah Jaramillo, a senior, feels his time is better spent elsewhere.

‘‘I spend my time in the study hall by spending time in the practice room, practicing music,” said Jaramillo. “I do enjoy it [study hall]  because there is no stress, and I’m being productive.”

Jaramillo likes this opportunity to go into a practice room because it’s been beneficial for his mental health and his musical progress.  

However, senior Eryn Sammut stays in the classroom for study hall, ‘‘I usually go on my phone, or I draw to finish any art projects that I have. Study hall for me is alright.”

Teachers that oversee a study hall also make productive use of the time. 

‘‘As a science teacher, I am helping students get caught up on missing science work. I like study hall because it gives me the chance to help students get caught up with their work, and it makes my job easier,’’ said Ms. Taylor.