I Am

Emma Stoker, poetry

I am the waves in the ocean, crashing against the mountains

I wonder if counting grains of sand is as pointless as humans let on

I hear the voices of those who were abandoned in the shipwrecks  

I see the ruins of a love-filled ship beneath the ice.

I want to return to the sea when my bones are gone

I am the waves of the ocean, breaking on the sand and snow

I pretend that the ocean isn’t a cruel place where love goes to drown.

I feel the plastic that fills the ocean that i used to know

I touch the sand before being dragged away again

I worry that people cannot hear the cries of the sea

I cry before being enveloped by her embrace

I understand that she can be gentle as the moon, but deadly as the sun

I say that she needs us to stop draining her life with plastic

I dream of a place where she isn’t hurt by humanity

I am the waves of the ocean.