Senior Chloe Chambers balances a professional racing career with school


Chloe Chambers at the F1 Miami Grand Prix at the Hard Rock Stadium on May 6-8, 2022.

Dylan Wright, Social Media Editor

Chloe Chambers is like any other 17 year-old, a senior at Monroe-Woodbury High School. She is also a professional race car driver, Guinness World Record holder, and America’s Got Talent competitor. 

In her childhood, Chambers’s biggest passion was racing.

“I always grew up watching Formula 1 on the weekends with my dad, with him also doing some track events that I would tag along to,” said Chambers. “I was at an event with him and my mom and asked if I could drive too, but since I was 7 I obviously couldn’t.”

Chambers’s involvement in racing began with go-kart racing, something she said most professional race car drivers have a history with.

“Karting is how almost every professional driver gets into racing,” said Chambers. “I started out in go-karts at a track not too far from here called Oakland Valley Race Park.”

Chambers has competed in a number of competitions, races, and in 2022 was featured on the popular TV show America’s Got Talent, where she advanced to the second level of the competition.

Chambers considered her greatest accomplishment to be her Guinness World Record for fastest vehicle slalom. In breaking this record, Chambers maneuvered through 50 cones in a zig-zag pattern in only 47.45 seconds, breaking the previous record of 48.114 seconds.

Chambers also participated in the SKUSA Super Nationals, one of the largest karting events in the world, in 2019.

“I finished 3rd against over 80 of the world’s best drivers,” said Chambers. 

Outside her racing career, Chambers, an honor roll student at Monroe-Woodbury, participates in National Honor Society, French Honor Society, and Varsity Swim. Chambers says while managing school, extracurriculars, and racing can be difficult, she has learned to balance the two over time. 

“Since I’ve been racing for so long now, I’ve built up my own system as to how I can get my school work done while away,” said Chambers. “It can be very difficult at times, especially when I’m in a different time zone or country, but teachers are usually lenient and understand that what I’m doing is more than just a hobby.” 

Chambers’s French teacher, Ms. Greenblatt, praised her work both inside and outside of the classroom. 

“She always lets me know in advance of any upcoming events and completes all of the work assigned,” said Ms. Greenblatt. “When called to travel to Europe or even California, she is sure to stay organized and returns refreshed and prepared.”

Those close to Chambers spoke of her willingness to help others.

“Growing up she taught me how to improve in subjects I wasn’t as strong with, such as math, and I owe her for that,” said Chambers’s brother, Ollie Chambers.

“She doesn’t take anything for granted,” said Ms. Greenblatt. “I am certain that we will continue to be blown away by her continued success.”