Manifest: A Supernatural Sci-fi and a Mesmerizing Mystery

Audrey Whitfield, Business Manager

Can you imagine sitting on a plane for a few hours, only to land and realize you’ve been gone for five years? That’s what happened to the characters on the Netflix drama Manifest. 

Manifest is a three-season Netflix drama that first aired in 2018. In this series, a group of passengers board a plane from Jamaica back to New York. They experience severe turbulence on this flight, so they are relieved when they finally touch down in New York. As they step off the plane, ambulances, fire trucks, and police all wait for them on the runway. These passengers are bewildered as their families run up to them in shock that they are alive. 

It turns out that while they were on their short plane ride, five years had actually passed. The flight, Montego 828, was said to have gone missing, and now the passengers are returning home. However, these passengers haven’t aged a day in five years. Questions arise as people wonder what really happened on this flight. 

The passengers on this flight start experiencing “callings”, which are random visions that they see and can sometimes even feel. The main characters Cal, Michaela, and Ben alongside their friends and family go on a mission to figure out the meaning behind these callings before it is too late. They calculated that they will die five years after their return. They realized this due to a calling the son, Cal, had. 

They believe if they can figure out the callings they may be able to save themselves. 

I really enjoyed this series on Netflix. I’m really into Science Fiction, so that’s probably why I couldn’t pull myself away. I usually don’t have time during the day to sit down and watch TV, so I was always excited when I had some extra time to turn this on. The acting in this series was very good and the camera work was also very well done. 

The only thing I would criticize is that the show dragged on for three seasons. It felt like each episode was just a recap of the previous one, and there was a lot of extra filler information that wasn’t needed. I feel like they could have condensed the story line a bit more and made it a shorter, more entertaining series. 

There were many events that happened in the show that were very easily predictable, because they were basically just repetitions of events that already occurred. 

While this show was very predictable and at times quite repetitive, I would still encourage you to give it a try. I enjoyed it and if you like Sci-fi you will most likely like this show too.