Meet Mr. Tripodo: From New York State Trooper to Monroe-Woodbury’s Director of Security and Emergency


Mr. Tripodo, the New Director of Security and Emergency Management, outside his office on B floor

Alex Liu, Managing Editor

Mr. Tripodo was appointed as Director of Security and Emergency Management of the Monroe-Woodbury High School in December 2021. Mr. Tripodo retired from the New York State Police in December of 2020, but he still wanted to continue his work in law enforcement.

“I still had a passion for law enforcement, public safety, if you will,” said Mr. Tripodo. “I eventually saw the posting for the position here at Monroe-Woodbury, and I realized that I had more to contribute. I still had the passion for public safety, and there’s really no better or more fulfilling job than…looking after the safety of the children.”

Mr. Tripodo’s previous work as a New York State Trooper gave him experience he now uses for his duties at the school. Mr. Tripodo compared his experience with incident command as a State Trooper to dealing with public safety and traffic issues at the high school. 

For “traffic issues here at the high school with dismissals, arrivals, buses… you’re trying to coordinate all of those activities, similar to what a uniformed trooper would do,” said Mr. Tripodo. He elaborated on the managerial skills required both as a state trooper and with his new position. “There’s a lot of moving parts, and it’s helped me. That experience as a colonel and being a New York State Trooper for 39 years has helped me.” 

When asked about the school’s policies, Mr. Tripodo explained that he was not responsible for determining them.

“Policies are determined by the Board of Education, and the administration at the school,” said Mr. Tripodo. “So once a policy is established…then that policy would be relayed to us, and as Safety, it would be our job to basically have that policy followed, whatever that policy may be.”  

Issues with going to bathrooms have been a concern for some students, and Mr. Tripodo sought to address them. “I have sent a directive to safety officers that no bathrooms should be closed for [any reason] other than custodial cleanup,” said Mr. Tripodo.

Mr. Tripodo’s main concern was the safety of students and families. “How would we proceed if there was an emergency situation? What would be the process? How would we conduct ourselves if there was a situation that arose that would need safety to be in there to make sure that we were to remain safe?”

When asked about his experience at the school, Mr. Tripodo said it has been “outstanding.” 

“The Superintendent, the assistant superintendents, the administration of all the schools, as well as Safety are all on the same page,” said Mr. Tripodo. “They’re working side by side. They all have the same mission, which is to have the students achieve in the safest learning environment possible, and that to me is an outstanding atmosphere. Having everyone working together for the greater good; I can’t be happier,” said Mr. Tripodo. 

If you would like to contact him, Mr. Tripodo’s office is Room 284 on B Floor.