Prism concert will be held for the first time in two years

Audrey Whitfield, Business Manager

On Feb. 15,  Monroe-Woodbury High School plans on holding the Prism Concert for the first time in two years.

The Prism concert is a series of performances that features members of the Voice Ensemble, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. The concert involves seamless transitions from one ensemble to the next, without any drastic pauses.

Mr. Taborsky, the chair of the music department, describes this concert as the “most unique music event” of the year, as it allows for students to perform outside of the traditional concert style.

In traditional concerts, each ensemble gets about 20 minutes on the stage to play 2 to 3 pieces. There is then a break and the focus shifts to another group. However, the Prism concert transitions between ensembles differently than they would normally be handled.

“Right when the audience is ready to applaud, the next group is already performing,” said Mr. Taborsky. 

Stephanie Peng, a senior and violin player in the chamber orchestra, said her favorite part about the concert is hearing the smaller groups play. 

According to Peng, the pieces the chamber orchestra has selected this year are not typically seen from chamber orchestras. They will play a modern piece with the Symphonic and Chamber Orchestras, and a country song that many of the adults in the audience will recognize. 

Peng’s quartet will be one of the small groups that will perform, and they will be playing a “flowy”, classical work. 

Although the groups are already preparing their music for the concert, Ms. Byrne, the chamber orchestra conductor said, “We are still unsure if the Prism concert is 100 percent happening.”

“Covid has compelled us to think about how we can improve safety and minimize risk,” said Mr. Taborsky. He said the musicians that don’t use their mouths to play their instruments will be wearing masks, and the groups that use their mouths will maintain six feet of social distancing. There will also be a limited audience, and the event will be livestreamed as well.  

The logistics of the concert are still being decided, due to the constantly changing COVID-19 protocols.