INK: Give Thanks to the Neighbor Beside You

Michael Shapiro, Poetry

Each and every human has such a different story,

yet we aren’t different on the inside.

We share the same metatarsals and femurs,

each one being necessary to help create a different story.

So why is it we don’t thank them every day,

praying that they’re safe along the way?

I think that it’s time for recognition-similar to Thanksgiving,

for us to appreciate what we have not thought of.

For those who help us-even if you may not know it now,

there will be a time when you realize the things that others have done for you.

So look harder, notice something that you haven’t before,

And give thanks to the neighbor beside you.

Only when we realize the true dependence upon one another, no matter how small-

Can we finally experience a communal friendship.