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We connect students

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We connect students

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Happy Birthday

Happy 153rd

Hope all is going swell

Wish I could say the same,

We all really could. Well,


How have those systems been working?

The outdated ones y’know!

Made to teach us all the unimportant

Things we already know.


So keep those pencils up

And those heads way down low.

It’d surely be a shame if we let 

those creative juices flow.


The clock keeps ticking

There’s no time to waste!

Why would we ever

Let you set the pace?


You choke on the poison we feed you

And when you cry you can’t take anymore.

We pat your back and say “we’ll help.”

Before we force you to swallow more.


And then when someone’s had enough

Their eyes hollow and their head full of fears.

When they step on that chair and tie that rope,

They’ll put an eternal stop to the tears.


And then what do we do? But hang our heads,

Let those crocodile tears fall.

Put on those blue shirts and “mourn” the dead.


They’ll be off by tomorrow.


So happy 153rd.

Though I’d hardly call it that.

I can only hope the words that I write,

Will be the final knife in your back.

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About the Contributor
Traegan Soto, Writer
Traegan Soto is a sophomore at Monroe-Woodbury High School, and this is his second year writing for the wire news. Traegan originally joined The Wire just to be a part of a club, but over the course of his first year developed a love for writing. Traegan has three other siblings who all also attended Monroe-Woodbury High School (Who he gets along with on occasion).