INK: “The first is a classic composition”

Mason Balcaceres, Poetry

The first is a classic composition

Poeticism stirred up with precision

Take a line for a walk? Hm…

I’m ready for the mission

Ever since I was a kid

Running on the playground,

Mom said no to the sand

So I played on the ground

And I would roll down the hills

No worries and no bills

It was chock-full of thrills

But it’s all past

And in all of the races

 I was never in last

The competition I passed

Zooming by like The Flash

I was never in second

I was always in first

I was always the best

And never the worst

And I never stopped to think for a hour, for a minute, for a second

How the possibilities for me were always endless

But as I’m sitting here in the classroom restless

I think about everything building and the stress is

I was always determined, I was always on a mission

Defending the thoughts in my head without submission

And i was never in last with my rhymes

And not the first because

“The first is a classic composition”