National Art Honor Society Students Celebrate the Halloween Season on Community Field Trip


Students paint the windows at the Monroe Free Library as part of an annual Halloween event

Dylan Wright, Social Media Editor

The National Art Honor Society at Monroe-Woodbury High School recently participated in a community outreach trip on Oct. 22 and Oct. 23. The trip has been an annual tradition for many years, with students painting artwork on the front windows of businesses in Monroe. 

“We use the art skills of the students to promote the arts and beauty during the Halloween season,” said NAHS adviser Ms. Pesce. 

Due to current road work in the area, the businesses’ windows could not be painted this year. The event was instead held at the Monroe Free Library.

Instead of cancelling, the library opened their doors to us,” said Pesce.

Multiple activities were held so that students could showcase their artwork. Many students painted designs on the windows outside of the library. 

“Everyone planned out their own designs of what they would paint beforehand,” said Vivian Lown, one of the painters. “You could really see all of the creativity as our paintings developed.” 

Another activity held at the library was a preschool craft session. This event was entirely new, and not something done in previous years. 

“The preschool craft was a new outreach, being entirely taught by students on Saturday,” said Pesce.

Despite the change in how it was held, the trip was successful, with many students voicing their support of it. 

It was a really fun experience…not just the painting, but being able to spend time with everyone there.”

— Senior Luke Milem

 “I wanted to stay longer,” said sophomore Takara Bayley-Gale. “My favorite thing was that we were all just together and able to hang out.” 

The adjustment of where the trip allowed for more opportunities for NAHS to show their artwork. Ms. Pesce hoped to expand the work of students to more areas of the community.