Students Share Their Summer Vacation Plans

Audrey Whitfield, Staff Writer

Many fun summer activities are being planned by Monroe-Woodbury High School students, in order to make up for lost time from summer 2020. 

Gianna Miale, a freshman at Monroe, will be going to the Caribbean island of Antigua for the first time with her mom, dad, and sister.

“I’m very excited and I can’t wait,” said Miale.  

Junior Madison Fulton, will be going to Naples, Florida with her family and best friend, Caroline. Fulton goes every year. Masks are not required for vacationers in Florida this year. 

Another junior, Jessica Sullivan will be going to Disney with her mom, dad, and four sisters.

“I’m really excited to go back to Disney,” said Sullivan, who said that Disney is her favorite vacation spot.

Although the mask policy is still enforced at the parks and Disney premises, Sullivan explained that “the capacity increased since the beginning of the year.”

Camryn Lacata, a sophomore, will be enjoying time at home this summer. Her cousins will be visiting from Arizona at the beginning of the summer. 

Kathleen Moran, a freshman, will be going to Florida on June 26 and then to SeaWorld on June 27 while there.

“I am very excited because I am going for my birthday,” said Moran. Moran is going with her mom and older sister, Carly. 

Rowan Mottola, freshman, will be doing many different activities this summer. She will be going on her boat in Greenwood Lake and travelling to South Carolina. 

“I am really excited to get into the water and do different activities [while on Greenwood Lake],” said Mottola. In South Carolina, Mottola is excited to go shopping and look at the gorgeous scenery. The mask mandate is not strict, but Mottola will still be wearing hers while around others. 

Freshman Kassidy Shaffer will be going to Lake George  for week beginning August 7 with her family and cousins.