Ink: I Hear America Singing 2020

Matthew Bezdicek, Poetry

I hear America singing,

Songs of joy

Songs of sorrow Songs of division songs of

I listen to America’s songs, but many of these songs are crying,

Tears of destruction

Tears of brokenness Tears of isolation tears of

I listen to these cries, and I hear a little boy.

He cries over the arguments of his parents while putting together his legos. He cries over the dinner table when his father is still working. He cries over his friends. He cries of


I hear America singing,

Songs of anger

Songs of beauty Songs of happiness songs of

We hear these songs, but are they truly happy?


Do you hear that cow over there in the pasture?

He sings of grass, he sings of family, he sings of fresh air, he cries of boredom

          he cries of isolation


I hear America arguing, but who is right?

I hear a timebomb ticking, but will it explode?


In all this chaos, in all this emotion

A tree is born The tree sings to us:

“America, listen to your song. Is this want you want everyone to hear? Is this what will move us forward? Is this what you want your legacy to be?”


  “Don’t let us explode. Let us unite”


I want to hear new songs

I want to hear joy

I want to hear togetherness

I want to hear America

Let us stop hearing songs of




Let America sing of hope