Ink: The Feelings of Nature

Emily Zrelak, Poetry

Trees, that grow high to feel the fresh cool sky,
the sound of the branches moving in the wind,
It all sounds so nice and cheerful, and looks like it too,
until a storm hits, branches break and the tree is no longer in the sky​
leaves, that are let go to start a new adventure of their own,
crunch and rustle as they surface the new ground,
as the wind picks them up they look for something familiar,
but eventually come to the conclusion they are all on their own
branches, that have fallen off to go on by themselves,
are being rolled and kicked around by others that roam the ground,
and they too come to the conclusion they would rather be up in the tree,
But due to the storm that they have caused they have to figure it all out themselves.

Moss, that grows freely wherever it please,
looking for a new place to start to grow,
finds these things and realizes, that they to need a home,
and soon after that it decides to take them in without a breeze
birds, that soar around in the sky while they fly,
look around for these things for a home of its own,
and they too would take them in, in a blink of an eye
because seeing these things all alone makes them want to cry,
Really makes me wonder how free they feel without someone by their side.