Ink: Psalms 23

Jared Fernandez, Prose

There I stood, with my cup in hand, the only thing I had left. I was afraid. I may as
well have walked with my eyes closed, I couldn’t see my shadow in this darkness, but I knew
I was surrounded by the enemy. I walked through this dark valley afraid of every step that I
took, I have always been afraid of what I can’t see. Although I knew I was surrounded, I was
not being attacked, no, I felt as if I was being watched. What was protecting me from this
long anticipated death? I took a step and paused, I listened closely to the sound of footsteps
coming towards me, is this it? Will I be put out of my misery? As I stood there shaking, my
cup caught on fire, but my hand wasn’t burning, and neither was the cup. I soon saw what
greatness was coming towards me, the king of the jungle, the ruler of the land, the lion. He
said to me, “For I have prepared a feast for you here in the presence of your enemies, the
Lord your God is with you, whom shall you fear?” I fell to my knees crying, I couldn’t bear
to lift my head. I finally had built the strength to look around me and I realized where I was. I
was laying down in green pastures, beside me were quiet waters, I went to the table that was
prepared for me. My cup was there and for the first time it was not empty, yet it was more
than just filled, it was overflowing. My enemies came to destroy my flesh while I was crying
and weak, but the lion had killed them all. I was no longer afraid. The lion had gone, but he
left for me a staff and a rod. I was comforted by these things because I knew who had given it
to me. I had strength like no other, for the God of angel armies is on my side.