Ink: Why I Write

Minal Chughtai, Prose

I would consider myself a writer because I really enjoy writing, formally and informally. I’ve always liked writing. When I was younger, I would read a lot which led to me writing short stories. These stories are how I originally got into writing. Now, I usually like to write smaller “pieces” like birthday cards/notes, but I like to elaborate, so the cards are sometimes pretty long. I also write essays for schools and colleges which are not always boring if you choose a topic that you find interesting. Writing is a good way for me to get my thoughts and emotions down on paper where I can clearly see them, and they are not crowding up my head. Writing is a very liberating feeling. I love to talk to get my point across, but when I don’t feel comfortable enough to speak freely, or I am too shy, I write. Writing creates a non judgmental environment where I can be myself and not have to compete with standards.