Ink: Effervescent

Madelaine Williams, Poetry


[ ef-er-vesuhnt ] adjective 


Vivacious; merry; 

lively; sparkling


As in: I am effervescent every 

morning at 5:30, brimming with 

excitement for the day—it 

usually takes my mom about 

three cups of coffee.


As in: Around the holidays, my 

effervescent nature climbs to a peak. 

Holiday cheer overflows my heart, 

carols constantly frolic around in my head, 

and cookie dough is always in the oven—but 

mostly in my mouth.


As in: Hopefully the special sparkle 

in my eye never flies away. 

Trust me, being effervescent is 

much better than being lackluster. 

Who would aspire to be a dull pencil 

when they could be a shiny gel pen?