INK: Introduction

Dear Reader & Writer,

Welcome! INK is an ongoing column that students can submit to for publication at any time during the year.

It began in 2009 as INK Magazine, a literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the writings of students, faculty, and staff at MWHS. It’s origins are connected to The National Day on Writing, an initiative begun by the National Council of Teachers – NCTE – which came to life here at MWHS as the Living INK festival held each October since the inception of this special day/event.

Living INK , on hiatus due to Covid-19, is a school-wide writing “in-house conference day” where students choose to attend a workshop with any one of our English teachers. We look forward to the return of this fabulous festival of the written word.
In the meantime, and forevermore, INK Magazine is being reborn online as INK, thanks to the editorial geniuses of Emma Malabanan (Class of ‘22) & Mr. Irwin & Co. at The Wire, our HS digital student newspaper.

Invited and included are the musings of you & your fellow students and teachers; we encourage everyone in the HS to contribute to INK. These works are and will remain largely unedited, uncensored and “unplugged” and they span genres in form, style and meaning. The works here are not grammatically perfect, nor are they intended to be. They serve as a record of our hopes, dreams, and thoughts, which are always works in progress.

As we know, the sword wields great power when the desire is to conquer; however, when the desire is to express, to exalt, to explore, and to exhort, the pen is the weapon of the wise; thus, our motto: “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.”

Sooo… contribute your work! All genres are welcome – poetry, prose, story, college app essay, reflective writing, argument and advocacy work, and more! Enjoy reading & keep writing!