Students Found New Hobbies During COVID-19

Audrey Whitfield, Staff Writer

During this time of many quarantines and nothing much to do, students turned to hobbies that help time pass faster by keeping them occupied and entertained. 

Senior Adrianna Lora recently discovered her love for making candles. “I’m really obsessed with candles,” said Lora. “I use them for spirituality and I got interested in making different scent combinations.” 

One of the reasons Lora loves making candles is that it is totally her own creation. She gets to decide the color, scent, and will know exactly how it’s made.

“I’ve thought about opening up a small business for side money when I get out of college” said Lora.

Lora also started a Booktube. It is a niche of YouTube where people can talk about books. Lora has read 32 books so far this year. “It is my highest form of escapism,” said Lora. Her YouTube channel is astrocarmel. 

Junior Joan Kreppein developed a newfound interest in baking. “I like to bake anything from muffins to pies to cookies. I make everything from scratch” said Kreppein. “My specialties include blueberry pie, banana chocolate chip muffins, orange cranberry muffins, and apple turnovers.”

Both of Kreppein’s grandmothers were bakers. “One of them kept a cookbook and the other one; Natalie had all her recipes memorized,” said Kreppein.

Kreppein grew up watching the food network. 

Kaylyn Perez also who enjoys baking. She bakes cookies, cupcakes, Bundt cake, cheesecake, and her own buttercream. Her sisters and mom enjoy baking and got her interested in it. 

Perez also got interested in biking over quarantine.

“I don’t always like to do it because it’s exhausting but it’s really fun,” said Perez. “And the idea of it being fun, and doing it with my family motivates me to do it and be really interested. Also because it’s a form of exercising.”

Perez usually bikes for 20 to 30 minutes maybe once a week or one every other week. 

Rowan Mottola is a sophomore, and over quarantine she has gotten interested in sewing and using her Cricut. 

A Cricut is a brand computer-controlled cutting machines, designed for home crafters. 

“I enjoy sewing because it gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a project, and for me, sewing is a good way to calm my anxiety and stress,” said Mottola. 

Mottola likes to sew scrunchies and masks, and make tumblers, shirts, and labels using her Cricut.