New Youth and Government Club Creates a Safe Environment for Students to Discuss Politics

Chloe Saldanha, Editor-in-Chief

The new Youth and Government Club, started only last month, organizes events designed to engage students in political education and activism. 

“We are dedicated to promoting student involvement in politics and increasing civic awareness and action,” said Mr. Verboys, the club adviser. “We work to ensure that all voices amongst students are heard equally. We are a completely non-partisan club and do not support any particular ideology.” 

All political stances are welcome. Meetings are bimonthly and held on Wednesdays. The Google Classroom code is gbxgekt.

“I started the club because I know a lot of students, including myself are interested in politics, but there aren’t a lot of places people can discuss with people who think differently than them and actually learn,” said Jenna Rowen-Delson. “I think young people are so underrepresented in politics and government and I would really like to change that.”

“There are no requirements to join, but students should have an open mind to express views and hear other views to know and understand both sides of an issue,” said Mr. Verboys.

This is a club that has been offered in the past and has come back this year.

…there isn’t always a healthy way for people our age to learn about the government in our country (and in others).”

— Jenna Matise

“[Jenna Rowen-Delson] and I have always been extremely interested in politics and government and noticed that there isn’t always a healthy way for people our age to learn about the government in our country (and in others),” said Jenna Matise. “… we wanted to create a safe space for teenagers to learn and discuss different political and governmental stances.”

The club has only been meeting for the last few weeks and already students are voicing their appreciation for it. 

“I think that it’s great that a student can start a club that is a space where people can voice their opinions and hear opinions from other people,” said Anushree Buragohain. “I’m so glad that we have that opportunity to bring awareness about our government to younger people so we can become more involved.”

“A lot of what we do in the club is debate topics that people tend to get split on politically,” said Avlinn Jaskoski. “I joined because I was interested in seeing the different viewpoints of students in our school and possibly learning from them. I really look forward to our meetings every week.” 

Lots of time has been spent creating a safe environment for students to discuss hot-button topics and even hold formal debates.

“Personally, my favorite part of the club are the open discussions. I think it’s fascinating to hear how many different stances there can be on one topic, and openly talk about why someone may feel one way or another,” said Matise.

The club has even gone so far as to set up meetings with politicians and have discussions with them. The Youth and Government Club met on Monday, April 5 to pose questions to local senator James Skoufis.