Student Profile: Mia Montevirgen – More than Just The President of AV Club


Megan Malabanan, Contributing Writer

Independent, hard-working, a role model to peers, Mia Montevirgen is a junior at the Monroe-Woodbury High School. She spends her day-to-day life juggling clubs, honor classes, and the pressure of preparing for the upcoming years.

Not only as a student, but as an individual, Montevirgen takes on many responsibilities, such as the roles of being the President of the Audio Visual (AV) Club, being the oldest sibling of four, and taking many Advanced Placement (AP) classes during her school days.

Mia explained how she needs to make sure her grades are up, while also being engaged in the club’s work too.

“While you’re planning on what to do next for your assignment, you have to also think about what needs to be done next in your club or vice versa,” said Montevirgen. “You can’t be slacking… either.”

Fellow club members and friends describe and value Montevirgen as a responsible leader figure. 

“She handles tasks incredibly well and gets them done in a timely manner,” said junior Dana Campell. “She’s very reliable and deserving of any leadership position given to her, as she is also the glue that holds our club together.”

Balancing AP classes and the well-being of family can be challenging according to Montevirgen.

“Sometimes you have to sacrifice one for the other and it’s hard to choose which. You have to maybe half heartedly do an assignment in order to get groceries done or vice versa and skip out on spending time with your family in order to get your work turned in,” said Montevirgen.

There’s a lot of pressure on her, but I think she handles it really well”

— Ava Montevirgen

She’s the oldest sibling, making her the role model for the rest of the family. One of Mia’s sibling’s describes her as an independent person who works towards her goals.

“She’s the oldest sister, so she has a lot of responsibilities, and she sets the example for the rest of the family,” said Ava Montevirgen. 

According to Mia, who is currently a junior, thoughts of having to apply to colleges soon, creates a lot of pressure.  She explains it can be stressful not knowing exactly where you want to go next. 

“There’s stress knowing that you have to do good this year to have a good future,” said Montevirgen. “You’re not only thinking about the very next step in what you want to do in class, but also the next steps in your life.”

Mia’s friend says, “I personally look up to Mia,” said Dana Campbell.

“She has undergone her fair share of hard times and always manages to come out on top. She works hard on anything she puts her mind to, and never strives for anything but perfection. Mia is a beautiful, funny, smart, and kind girl with a bright future ahead of her. With her good morals and promising life ahead of her, I think everyone should look up to her.”