Cats vs. Dogs: An Ongoing Debate at Monroe-Woodbury

Audrey Whitfield has both cats and dogs. Here are some picture of her beloved pets.

Audrey Whitfield, Staff Writer

“Cats leave their hair everywhere. Dogs leave their toys everywhere.”

The discussion about whether dogs or cats are better is a debate that people have all the time, but what do Monroe-Woodbury students think?

In a poll taken by 32 students at Monroe Woodbury High School, 25 students voted that dogs are better pets, whereas only 7 voted that cats make better pets. 

Holly Paterno, a sophomore who voted for dogs stated “ I find they tend to be more openly loving” 

“They seem to have more of a human connection,” said junior Azure Bolling, on why he thinks dogs make better pets than cats. 

Sophomore Lauren Weeks also believes dogs make better pets than cats, because they are more friendly, can be trained, and they can be taken more places. 

Weeks only has a dog; however, she thinks cats would make worse pets because there would be litter box problems, allergies, training difficulties, and cat hair all over.

Weeks stated “I think dogs are overall more friendly and would be much happier to see you than a cat would.” 

Many of the students who voted for cats had similar reasons as to why.

“They are easier to take care of,” said sophomore Avlinn Jaskowski.

Jaskowski has both cats and dogs. She believes that cats make better pets because they are more predictable than dogs.

“Sometimes dogs are really high energy, and sometimes they’re not, but cats are pretty constantly chill,” said Jaskowski.