All Night Graduation Party holds a “Paint Your Senior Parking Space” Fundraiser

Audrey Whitfield and Chloe Saldanha

This year, seniors have the unique opportunity to paint their parking spots. The All Night Graduation Party (ANGP) Committee has created a “Paint Your Senior Parking Space” fundraiser. 

This is the inaugural year for this fundraiser, which places the Class of 2021 at the beginning of a new tradition. This fundraiser is open to ALL seniors. You are not required to have a parking spot to participate.  

“This idea has been discussed on and off for a few years now to my knowledge. The HS PTSA really wanted to put the idea forward again and work through any of the challenges because we felt that our seniors needed something fun to look forward to this year.  It also is a way for them to ‘leave their mark’ for their senior year!” said Ms. Dawn Tauber, President of PTSA and a member of the ANGP committee.

 “I love the idea of painting my spot! I know so many other schools have done it, so I think it’ll be fun.” said senior Emma Bernstein. 

Bernstein is glad the administration is allowing them to paint spots, and she thinks it will be a fun experience to look back on with friends. Bernstein knows it will take a while to paint, but that’s why it’s not required.

The cost to participate is $25. Seniors will have to buy their own paint, and may only use water-based exterior latex paints. 

Mr. Kaste said that water-based exterior latex paints were chosen “In order for it to be removed for the next senior class easily.”

Mackenzie Smith, a senior, said she might paint a cute saying on her parking spot. She said if she knows her college decision by then, she might also incorporate that into the design.  

Both Bernstein and Smith believe this should become a tradition that all senior classes in the future should be able to participate in. “This should 100% be incorporated every year going forward! It provides a fun, exciting opportunity that every senior can participate in with their friends!” said Smith. 

“This is a great new tradition that will always be known as starting with the Class of 2021,” said Principal Kaste.

All parking space designs will remain until at least August 1, 2021.

“…if a senior wants to paint a spot, a spot will be assigned. We don’t know yet where these spots will be. We will work with the HS administration to figure out the best spots,” said Ms. Tauber.

Parking spot design sheets must be submitted for approval by January 11, 2021. There are limits to what may be included in these designs.

Designs can be either computer generated or hand drawn onto the design sheet, but they must be done in color. You can either drop off the design sheet in the main office, email the design to [email protected], or mail the design sheet to MWANGP/MWHS, 155 Dunderberg Road, Central Valley, NY 10917. 

Design sheets can be found in all house offices, the main office, and the ANGP website.

The designated painting days are: April 6, April 14, April 21 – 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. and April 10, April 17, April 24 – 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

If students change their design from the one approved, the school will paint over it, and disciplinary action may be taken.

“We have a lot of fundraisers going on now!…We have Class of 2021 masks, MWHS Chromebook Sleeves, Pizza Vouchers for Large Pies at Planet Pizza and Amalfi’s – and we are doing a ton of raffles!” said Ms. Tauber. “We are excited to keep fundraising to support the Class of 2021’s All Night Graduation Party.”