Students Safely Celebrate Halloween During Pandemic


Anna Ghereghlou, Staff Writer

This year’s Halloween will be one to remember. Many typically celebrate by going trick or treating and this tradition didn’t end this year. Many kids went trick or treating in their neighborhood safely with masks and stayed six feet apart. Many homes left out goody bags or bowls of candy for everyone to enjoy. 

Even though many didn’t go trick or treating doesn’t mean that Halloween was not celebrated. People decorated their homes, watched Halloween movies, and had a lot of candy.

Despite all of the differences, this area still made this Halloween a fun one for younger children. On Halloween night at South Orange Family YMCA they held a safe drive-thru trick or treating event, handing out candy to all the trick or treaters in their car. 

Lilianna Kehnle spent her Halloween night by baking, going to a friend’s house for a socially distant bonfire, and she finished off the night with a scary movie. 

Not all students had big plans for Halloween like Kehnle. Ariana Nobles had to work on Halloween. Noble says “a few of my coworkers dressed up and it was nice to see other people having fun and trying to do normal things that we would’ve done!”

“It was strange not being able to see a lot of people, but at the end of the day I think I ended up enjoying it more,” said Kehnle.