Review: 2018 Game “For Honor” is an ‘Absolute Must-Buy’


Alex Liu, Staff Writer

“For Honor” (2018) is a third-person fighting game that is currently one of my favorite games, and I feel a lot of people would enjoy it. 

This game has been through a lot of changes. Initially, when it was released there were only 12 characters. As of now, there are 26. These characters are split into 4 factions: the Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wulin. These factions battle for territory in the Faction War. Only the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai have a place on the map as the Wulin were DLC. Even though the Wulin faction is DLC, all of the game’s characters can be earned for Steel, the in-game currency. 

Gameplay revolves around a directional block system. There are three directions actions that can occur: top, left, and right. Attacks, blocks, and parries occur from these directions. You can also dodge, feint, parry, and guardbreak. There are multiple game modes that are popular. The game modes I prefer are Dominion, 1v1, 2v2, and Breach.

The combat system is very creative. Not all games have a system like this in a PvP setting. The animations and character design are fantastic. The characters are all inspired by a certain weapon from medieval history. The broadsword, nodachi, and battle-axe are the choice weapons of the basic characters in the game. Currently, my main character is Centurion, a Knight character. He uses the gladius, a weapon used by Roman soldiers. The game is an absolute must-buy. It is tons of fun by yourself or with a friend. The campaign in the game can be played solo or co-op. My friend and I journeyed through the world of “For Honor” a few weeks ago; it was a blast. 

“For Honor” is on PS4, Xbox, and PC. The game costs $14.99 for the Starter Edition or $29.99 for the Standard Edition. The Starter Edition is much cheaper, but it requires more currency to unlock all the characters in the game. The Standard Edition has many of the characters at a reduced price. There are no microtransactions that influence gameplay, thankfully. All buyable items are cosmetic only. Fashion in the game is one of the best parts of the game. I take great joy in making my characters look as cool as possible, whether it’s adding spikes or a cape. I feel that no matter what version of “For Honor” you get, it will be a worthwhile investment, and you will get many hours out of this game while you’re stuck at home.