New club seeks to help sick children

Emma Malabanan, Staff Writer

Kids Changing the World is a community service club at Monroe-Woodbury High School. This is the club’s first year.

Kids Changing the World was originally formed to help families within the Monroe-Woodbury community with excessive medical bills due to serious illness,” said Mr. Agro, the club’s supervisor, in an email. “Currently, KCW is organizing to fund raise enough funds to sponsor a Wish Kid in our community through the Make a Wish Foundation.”

As a new club, Kids Changing the World invites students to join them through their journey to help our community.

“People should join this club because it’ll teach them about how fulfilling it is to help someone in their community,” said the club’s president Brooke Schoen.

This new program offers high school students the chance to get involved with their district and help a student who needs their help.

“This club is changing, or helping, the community by directly fulfilling a wish kid’s wish, which will improve their quality of life [and] allow them to enjoy themselves and still feel like a kid should despite their sickness,” said Schoen.

“I wanted to join this club because they seem to understand that making a difference doesn’t have to be on an extremely large scale,” said Lilianna Kehnle. “Helping one person can feel just as rewarding.”

Club members will be attending a number of events outside of school. Kids Changing the World will also be collecting donations from local businesses that are willing to help the program in trying to fulfill a kid’s wish.

“It always brings a good feeling to help those in need. Kids will learn the value of giving back to their community. I truly believe this is a valuable life lesson to learn for each and every one of our students,” said Mr. Agro.