Seniors look forward to attending prom, finishing high school


Giancarlo Parra, Contributing Writer

The senior prom will be held on Friday, June 21 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and seniors will be enjoying their final moments of high school.

This evening will cost students $85, not including the added expense of formal clothes, makeup, hair styling, and possibly a limousine.

One senior who is attending is Daneyda Bermeo.

“It will be special for me because it will be the final days to be with your classmates and friends for a whole night of fun and memories that you once knew,” said Bermeo, who will be joining the United States Marines over the summer.

“Sadly, when you leave high school, those friends and classmates will be heading to different places,” said Bermeo. “Overall, I will be proud of what a successful year this has been and giving them luck to look what’s ahead of me and of them.”

Caroline Harrington, who will be to attending college in the fall, took a positive view of the prom.

“It’s a good way to end your high school career,” said Harrington.

Supervision and safety is always a priority at these types of events.

Mr. Hahn, a geometry teacher, has been one of the chaperones at senior prom in past years.

“There was plenty of supervision,” said Mr. Hahn. “There is usually around eight to 10 teachers, plus all the assistant principals and the principal. The kids always have a good time because they are with their friends having fun. Whether it’s dancing or just socializing, they all enjoy themselves.”

Mr. Hahn said that his job is to make sure all the attendees are behaving, and report anything suspicious to the administrators.

“That for the most part never happens and I just enjoy myself by watching all the kids have fun and eating the great food they have,” Mr. Hahn said. “Senior prom is a nice way to bring all the seniors together and celebrate one last time before they all go off to college. This will probably be the last time they will all be together.”